Wednesday, September 19, 2012

how to have a nice voice

1. Examine your voice, does it sound. Consider what you don't like about it - is it too deep, too high? Does it crack a lot?

2. Listen to actor's voices. Try to choose one that you like and start imitating the tone and style. Does it feel right? If so, keep practicing; if not, try another voice.
Use headphones and an iPod to replay the voice over and over.

3. Try to use the voice you want for at least two weeks. This may be hard but practice is the key.

4. Get elocution lessons. The best and most effective way to improve your voice is through professional voice coaching. Find a voice coach in your locality and book in for an assessment. Once you're seeing the coach, you'll discover new ways to project and improve your voice.

5. Try drama or singing lessons. These can be a great way to improve the way that your voice comes across. They are likely to be cheaper than using a voice coach too.

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