Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Decide Between a Laptop or a Desktop

When deciding between a laptop and a desktop computer, weigh your computing needs against the benefits of each types.

First think about what you want your computer to do. Making a list may help.

1. If you think you will be using your laptop a lot outside of the house (or on the couch) a laptop is obviously the right choice.
2. Having a lot of wi-fi availability in your area is an advantage for laptops because you can then work online from anywhere.
3. If you are a college student, or high school student and you want your laptop to make notes in class or at the library.

1. If you think you need or want these things you should go ahead and buy a desktop
2. If you need to share computer in home.
3. If you need more performance or storage desktops are better or in any case cheaper.
4. Desktops usually offer more computing power because they are always directly connected to a power source.

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