Thursday, September 20, 2012

reasons why din was not in the picture

the mystery of din is not yet solved. there was some story said that din is a humanoid shape being that travel's from din's planet to our planet and the reason for it is unknown. there is some researchers try to identity this matter wheather din was a real legend or just a myth. some in the picture claim that they actually met din in person but the information is not really proven. researchers try to identify why din was not in the picture and there is some ideology belief that:

din is a government spy .
din is not a person . 
din can't be define as he or she .
din is a shy person .
din hates camera . 
din hates photographer .
din is invisible . 
din is a vampire .
camera can't detect din .

if you got any information about the mysterious din please inform me A.S.A.P

e-commerce website ( )

What is HobbyLink Japan?

HLJ is an Internet mail-order business located in Japan which ships hobby products, toys, anime items, books, magazines and more to customers all over the world. HLJ was started and is run by Scott T. Hards. While living in Japan, Scott noticed that the great hobby products available there were either too expensive or not available at all overseas. So in 1995, he started a business to ship hobby products around the world from Japan at domestic prices

how do I order?
A: It's easy! While browsing our product catalog, just click the "Buy This" or "Preorder" buttons that you'll see on the product pages, just like most other Internet mail-order sites. When you've selected your final item, click on the "Checkout" button to confirm your purchases, and then proceed to the checkout page. Before you get started,

how to pay? 
At checkout, simply designate PayPal as your payment method. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, you can set one up immediately. If you have an account, you can set up a billing agreement to pre-authorize all your payments with HLJ, similar to leaving a credit card on file. With a billing agreement in place, your orders will ship immediately with no further action on your part necessary when they're ready to go! Alternately, you can indicate you want to pay for just your current order with PayPal. In the latter case, HLJ will send you an email when your order is ready to ship asking you to go to PayPal's site and authorize the payment to HLJ. HLJ also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB cards for payment. Simply input your card information at checkout, or via My Account like any other e-commerce site. 

example of product 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Decide Between a Laptop or a Desktop

When deciding between a laptop and a desktop computer, weigh your computing needs against the benefits of each types.

First think about what you want your computer to do. Making a list may help.

1. If you think you will be using your laptop a lot outside of the house (or on the couch) a laptop is obviously the right choice.
2. Having a lot of wi-fi availability in your area is an advantage for laptops because you can then work online from anywhere.
3. If you are a college student, or high school student and you want your laptop to make notes in class or at the library.

1. If you think you need or want these things you should go ahead and buy a desktop
2. If you need to share computer in home.
3. If you need more performance or storage desktops are better or in any case cheaper.
4. Desktops usually offer more computing power because they are always directly connected to a power source.

how to have a nice voice

1. Examine your voice, does it sound. Consider what you don't like about it - is it too deep, too high? Does it crack a lot?

2. Listen to actor's voices. Try to choose one that you like and start imitating the tone and style. Does it feel right? If so, keep practicing; if not, try another voice.
Use headphones and an iPod to replay the voice over and over.

3. Try to use the voice you want for at least two weeks. This may be hard but practice is the key.

4. Get elocution lessons. The best and most effective way to improve your voice is through professional voice coaching. Find a voice coach in your locality and book in for an assessment. Once you're seeing the coach, you'll discover new ways to project and improve your voice.

5. Try drama or singing lessons. These can be a great way to improve the way that your voice comes across. They are likely to be cheaper than using a voice coach too.

7 ways to sleep in class

1. Find a spot where you won't get noticed by the teacher or other students, as best as possible. Make sure there is a friend near you to wake you up if necessary.

2. Try to cup your face if you are reading something. To do this, cup your hands around your eyes and rest your chin in your palms.

3. The Desk Method: Put your arm and head in the usual positions. Reach inside your desk, as if you are rummaging for something.

4. The "I'm taking notes method": Place some paper or notes, preferably with some writing on them, on the table. Place your left elbow on the table and rest the corner of your forehead on the heel of your left palm. Face your head downwards so that you are looking at the edge of your desk. Hold a pen in your right hand to the paper in front of you, as though you were writing something. Also, you can adjust your seat so that you tilt your head and body away from the teacher as much as possible. Switch hands where necessary so that the arm you're resting on shields you from the teacher.

5. The Book Method: Set up your left arm in the same way as the last method. Open a book and place it on your lap. Place your head down on your arm. Place your right hand on the pages.

6. The Book Method #2: Place a hardcover book on your desk opened to the very middle (so the pages don't turn themselves.) Put your elbows on your desk next to the book with your forearms up. Using your hands shield your eyes like a sun visor/ baseball cap.

7. Book Method #3: One very comfortable way to sleep in class, assuming that the teacher does not care if you sleep, is to simply put a book flat on your desk, and rest your forehead on it. While doing this it is important to just keep your arms relaxed in your lap. The downside to this method is it makes it quite obvious you are or are trying to sleep. The major benefit of this method is that it doesn't cause your arms or any other part of your body to "fall asleep" (no pun intended), thus allowing you to sleep longer without being awoken by your arms tingling in discomfort.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

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Alienware is a United States computer hardware subsidiary of Dell, Inc. It mainly assembles third party components into desktops and laptops with custom enclosures.

the website mainly provide information about their product and provide e-services to their customer and their potential customer. The website also advertise their product there. The e-services act as intermediaries between seller and customers. you can chat with dell expert through the the open chat room but first you need to register as a member.

In the website you can see variety of product produced by Alienware such as laptop, desktop and gaming gear. You've been provided variety of optional specification for laptop and desktop that you may want to buy based on your budget, need and want. In build your own laptop, the laptop is given a basic price and a basic spec on specific product and you can pick higher performance on your gaming rigs but of course the price will go higher.

you can also order the product online
for ordering online you must first fill the shipping form so they could track your address. the second step is to choose the payment method.
the payment method can be flexi payment using maybank, citybank credit card, visa and master card, AMEX or telegraphic transfer and cheque/bankdraft. the the info provided by you must be verify for further process, then the order can be submitted

if you're an Alienware fans be sure to visit this website


Internet2 is an advanced not-for-profit United States networking consortium led by members from the research and education communities, industry, and government.

The objectives of the Internet2 consortium are:
Developing and maintaining a leading-edge network.
Fully exploiting the capabilities of broadband connections through the use of new-generation applications.
Transferring new network services and applications to all levels of educational use, and eventually the broader Internet community.

The uses of the network span from collaborative applications, distributed research experiments, grid-based data analysis to social networking. Some of these applications are in varying levels of commercialization, such as IPv6, open-source middleware for secure network access, Layer 2 VPNs and dynamic circuit networks.


What is IPv6?
IPv6 or Internet Protocol Version 6 is the next generation protocol for the Internet.

Both IPv6 and IPv4 define network layer protocol i.e., how data is sent from one computer to another computer over packet-switched networks such as the Internet.

Specifically, IPv6 contains addressing and control information to route packets for the next generation Internet. IPv6 has a very large address space and consists of 128 bits as compared to 32 bits in IPv4. this addressing scheme will also eliminate the need of NAT (network address translation) that causes several networking problems (such as
hiding multiple hosts behind pool of IP addresses)
in end-to-end nature of the Internet.

Summary of Benefits in a nutshell:
1) Increased address space
2) More efficient routing
3) Reduced management requirement
4) Improved methods to change ISP
5) Better mobility support
6) Multi-homing
7) Security
8) Scoped address: link-local, site-local and global-address space

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Why should we buy the Gold disc (original) and not the purple disc (dvd-R)

Can you see the different between DVD-R and Original DVD?
DVD-R is easily scratched and this will affect the image and sound quality. And this won't happen to Original DVD

In conclusion, Original DVD has better quality than DVD-R

this is what people used to know, but in my opinion the gold disc isn't always the best . it also depends on the way you're using the disc. without a proper use both disc could get scratch.
they are also others factors like price and others

but for anti piracy. They would prefer the gold disc rather than the purple disc