Thursday, March 23, 2017

POWER RANGER LEGACY WAR is now on android and ios

the game is more like tap and swipe kinda game but if you love power rangers or super sentai you will love this game
the game is set to release the same time as the power rangers movie (2017)
the game rooster have several power rangers such as:
mighty morphin
wilf force
mega force
super mega force
power rangers (2017)
and some villains

Power Rangers Movie (2017) after credit & REVIEW

Power Rangers (2017) was set to release on 23 march 2017.
okay here we go . The movie start with a war in planet earth centuries ago, a great battle with alien spaceship and all thus many explosion accur. zordon is left wounded crawling reaching for the yellow ranger but all hope seems lost only zordon survived and protecting the power coin and then buried it with rita washed away from explosion and left buried under water, and then thousand years past :D hahahaha

the movie wasted of lack of action and serverd much teenage problem, they spent almost half of the movie in training state learning how to actually morph. when there is one fighting scene

there is a Kimberly (original pink ranger) and Tommy Oliver cameo after the last battle
and there is a after credit scene where same place spotted in detention class where the teacher calling for tommy olivers name and a table that was left with a green jacket

im a little bit dissappointed that the fighting scene is less than expected more toward megazord scene and the scene is not that epic . but i do love the installment of the old gogo power rangers song they put when they first activated the zord to angel grove.